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Forbes is Endorsed by the Plain Dealer and

Forbes is deeply knowledgeable about appellate law and practice; active in volunteer work in the legal profession; and engaged in the community, serving on the board of the Centers for Families and Children since 2008 and on the affiliated Circle Health (former Free Clinic) board since 2017.

She displays the calm, open, respectful demeanor needed in a judge. It’s also notable that Forbes -- who received four “Excellent” ratings and one “Good” from the five local bar associations in the Judge4Yourself judicial ratings coalition -- is willing to give up a lucrative private legal practice (and presumably take a pay cut) to seek the job. Ohio appellate judges will make about $163,000 this year, based on a judicial salary chart at the Ohio Supreme Court.


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Forbes Endorsed by The Plain Dealer/

"But in this head-to-head race, we believe it is Forbes whose background and wide-ranging experience would make her the best justice and the best choice for Democratic voters to challenge for that pos


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